The working procedures and quality management of Vejebro Aarhus has been approved by DANAK under registration number 9001.

Today, we have two weighbridges at our disposal. One weighing up to 70,000 kg placed on Multivej 12, DK-8000 Aarhus C, and one weighing up to 80,000 kg placed at the new Transportcenter, Logistikparken 19, DK-8220 Brabrand.

Both weighbridges are subject to verification by Force Technology, and the annual audits from DANAK ensures that all weighings are carried out with greatest possible accuracy. Thus, the results of weighings may be used in all forms of purchase and sales.

Our electronic weighing equipment will easily and quickly register the weight. Thereafter, a weigh ticket will be produced by means of a specially designed computer programme containing all information on the weighing including names of requisitioner, supplier and consignee together with information on the goods, car or container number and time and date of the weighing.

Outside of normal office hours, it is possible upon pre-arrangement to make short weighings, where the driver carry out the weighing by means of our self-service terminal. In case your company would like to make use of this service, please contact us in order for us to make such arrangements.

As previously mentioned, all weighings are registered by means of a weigh ticket being printed. Upon request from the requisitioner, this ticket may be e-mailed to a range of recipients e.g. the requisitioner, the consignee/supplier, the transport company, tax authorities, etc. This way, everyone will know immediately, how large the load is.



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