Besides weighing and control, Vejebro Aarhus also carries out services related to the field of control and inspection including for the maritime industry, insurance companies, accountants, banks and authorities. Among others, we offer the following services:

Draft survey – measurement of ship before and after loading/unloading by which it is possible to determine the quantity loaded onboard or unloaded from the ship. Often used in connection with dry loads with no possibility of weighing.

Ullage – again measurement of ship (or tank) in order to determine quantity loaded onto or unloaded from the ship or tank. Used in connection with liquid loads such as oils with no possibility of weighing.

Marine surveys – there are many reasons for conducting marine surveys, but it is often to determine whether or not there are any damage to the goods or vessel. It may also be to ensure that the goods shipped or transported will not sustain any damage en route from loading to unloading port.

Tally – count one, count two, count three – it may seem simple, but it is actually harder than one might think. We are experienced in carrying out tally control in connection with loading and unloading from ships, trucks and containers. We also do storage tally in order for your company to document the exact number of items in storage.

Weight check – a possibility of saving money on your yearly motor vehicle taxes.


If you or your company is in need of any of the above-mentioned services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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